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  • The RoundUp Cover-Up

    By Richard F. Seegal, Ph.D. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the world. In 2013 more than 300 million pounds were used in the United States, primarily to control weeds in large scale farming. Other countries, particularly in South America and Asia, use even more Roundup.  The manufacturer,

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  • Schroon Lake Steering Committee Report to the Membership

    As many of you know the Steering Committee (SLSC) represents both our lake associations and the three towns.  We address issues that have an impact on our entire watershed and are of concern to our membership.  With that in mind the extreme changes in the water level in Schroon Lake

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  • Scout Meeting Kick-Off

    By Ev McNeil First, my name is Everett (Ev) McNeill and I have taken over the scout program from Gretchen Marcell. Thanks to you all and Gretchen who have done an outstanding job in tackling the milfoil “invader”! Gretchen advised that all zones were covered last year thanks to all

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