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  • Winning the Battle of Lake George

    The Glens Falls Chronicle reports that Lake George is winning its forever war against Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM). The war has already been long (30 years), and it won’t ever end. The war is also expensive, costing almost $500,000 per year just for harvesting the EWM that’s already in the lake.

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  • Under New Proposal, Lake Shore Towns Lose Revenues, But Still Pick Up the Bill

    By Anthony F. HallReprinted from Property taxes in lake shore towns would increase “significantly” – perhaps by as much as 30% – if proposals now floated by some Warren County Supervisors were adopted, said Lake George Supervisor Dennis Dickinson. The proposals – to allocate the towns’ shares of sales

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  • Tom Luciano on the Starbuckville Dam

    Tom Luciano, Chairman and Commissioner of the Schroon Lake Park District, was the guest speaker at ESSLA’s June member meeting. He gave us a history of the dam, which is owned by the Schroon Lake Park District (SLPD) and controls the water level of the Schroon.  The taxing district was legislatively

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