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  • Memorial Jim Harris Children's Fishing Tourney2

    Children’s Fishing Tourney

    The annual Memorial Jim Harris, Blue Sky Estates, children’s fishing contest drew a large crowd of youngsters, parents and grandparents this July 4th.  Prizes for smallest, largest, and most fish were awarded. Approximately 30 ESSLA  “Clean Lake Activity Books” were scooped up by the the children.  A great time was

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    How Did ESSLA Get Its Name?

    Do you want to know how ESSLA got its name? Back in 1966 a group of land owners on the east shore of Schroon Lake decided they needed to band together to address the noise and pollution, among other things, they faced along the east shore.  They met and called

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  • ESSLA the Fish Float - Gretchen_Anne

    ESSLA the Fish @ Schroon Lake Parade

    If you missed the parade and Gretchen’s fish, you really missed something.  Gretchen is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the fish.  One photo shows Gretchen making adjustments and me setting up the bubble machine.  The other shows us at the end of the parade.  We picked up a band group from

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