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  • Clean Water and Air are precious resources we take for granted.

    Clean Water and Air

    Clean water is without a doubt the most important ecological and economic resource in the Adirondack Park. Our many ponds, lakes, rivers and streams provide for habitat, drinking water and recreation. Property values are intrinsically tied to the water bodies they border.  Acidification from air pollution has for long wreaked

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  • Lakes of the Adirondacks

    ADK Lakes Alliance Finds Strength in Numbers

    Lake and river associations within the Adirondack Park have long been the first responders in identifying and combating threats to our water quality and riparian ecosystems.  Local governments are being significantly challenged by the potential economic impact these threats pose. There are some 235 lakes, rivers and ponds within our

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  • View of the Starbuckville Dam with gates wide open - October 2015

    Lake Level Monitoring

    ESSLA Board member Rich Nawrot continues a dialogue with USGS hydrologist Gary Wall on lake level monitoring. Once the data we have available is analyzed, the hydrologist will come up and present his findings and conduct a discussion/meeting on the lake level issue.  That meeting is now set with the

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