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  • Purple Loosestrife

    Purple Loosestrife Management Program

    ESSLA Board Member and Chair of the Committee on Terrestrials and Adopt-A-Highway, Elli Muller, will be working with Warren County Soil and Water and Essex County Soil and Water collecting Purple Loosestrife beetles.  She is putting out the call for volunteers to help collect the bugs and place onto the

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  • Managing 73 Billion Gallons of H20

    Lake Water Level and the Starbuckville Dam Schroon Lake was formed when glacial rubble dammed an ancient valley, creating a 4,000-acre, 9-mile long basin. Actually there are two basins, separated by “The Narrows.” The watershed surrounding our lake is 202,575 acres, going from lake elevation of 807 feet to its summit

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  • Clean Water and Air are precious resources we take for granted.

    Clean Water and Air

    Clean water is without a doubt the most important ecological and economic resource in the Adirondack Park. Our many ponds, lakes, rivers and streams provide for habitat, drinking water and recreation. Property values are intrinsically tied to the water bodies they border.  Acidification from air pollution has for long wreaked

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