Touring Schroon River

USGS Hydrologist Touring Schroon River
By Rich Nawrot
A tour of Schroon River was done on 6/20 with Gary Wall, the Hydrologist from the USGS.   In attendance were myself, Rich Nawrot, representing ESSLA and the SLSC, Bill Mcghie from the SLSC, Gary Wall from the USGS, Tom Luciano, John Milsom and Joe Koch from the Schroon Lake Park District (SLPD), Matt Simpson, Horicon Supervisor, and Craig Leggett Chester Supervisor.

Gary Wall made observations of various potential impediments to the outflow of water and took elevation readings at various points. He will also take flow measurements at points in the river.  His plan is to prepare a proposal for our review and consideration regarding lake level concerns.

Photo by Bill McGhie:  Left to right Tom Luciano, SL Park District Commissioner, Rich Nawrot, trip organizer and Craig Leggett, Chester supervisor checking out the river with the USGS Hydrologist 

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