Scout Meeting Kick-Off

By Ev McNeil

First, my name is Everett (Ev) McNeill and I have taken over the scout program from Gretchen Marcell.
Thanks to you all and Gretchen who have done an outstanding job in tackling the milfoil “invader”! Gretchen advised that all zones were covered last year thanks to all of you and her leadership.
As the 2017 season is about to begin, we have scheduled a kick off meeting for Sat. June 3 noon at Sticks and Stones on Rt. 9 just south of the village. Pizza and soft drinks will be served along with a brief business meeting.
The good news is that it appears from the 2016 four weeks harvests by AIM (Aquatic Invasive Management Inc), that we have made great headway in stopping the spread of Eurasian milfoil with only 24 bags – approximately 600 lbs. removed.   This continues the lower harvest trend since 2013.  The not so good news is as we have made a dent, it is becoming harder to find and eliminate the remaining plants.    We have approx. 23 miles of shoreline to cover and there are still troublesome hotspots.  In addition, Schroon is surrounded by other invasives already in waters around us and must keep vigilant.
As you probably have read in the Pearl, the Horicon Boat Steward Inspection has been a great success helping us to prevent the spread of other invasives and there are plenty out there.
We are the second  and last line of defense. The first being the inspection stations at each end of the lake along with the decontamination station.  The Horicon station sent 305 boats to decontamination  last year.   Intercepted were curly leaf pond weed,  water chestnuts ( which are nasty and you don’t want to step on one of their hard shell pointed seeds), zebra mussels  amongst others.
The curly leaf pond weed is in Schroon already and AIM has harvested it.  Since we are on the water already why not watch for it, water chestnut, zebra and others  Click to view a summary of invasives not only in Schroon but also in the area (Champlain, Lake George, Saratoga Lake) as well as a few that NYS DEC has identified as top targets.   We are going to have this laminated so you can take it with you on the water.
ESSLA is a member of NYSFOLA and on their website is a good aquatic invasive summary.  Go to, and click on Aquatic Plants   (New York State Federation of Lake Associations)
Thanks again and hope to see you on June 3 .
 Please RSVP by June 1.   We need and greatly appreciate your support !  If you are unable to scout this year please advise.  We are looking for a few more scouts this year who would like to join our team.  If you are interested, please contact me.
Note that AIM has scheduled harvests for weeks of 7/10,  7/17,  8/14 & 9/11,  so it’s important that we get out there early this year.
Everett McNeill,

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