• Northern Schroon Boat Decon Station

    ESSLA, SLA and PLA came together to purchase a boat decontamination station positioned at the northern end of Schroon Lake to further protect our waters. The Horicon boat decon station, spearheaded by ESSLA and the Town of Horicon, is the busiest in the Adirondacks, but for Lake George. This is

  • DEC WAVE Program

      ESSLA Board Member John Greening is a citizen scientist and certified Citizen Program Coordinator for  DEC’s WAVE program (Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators), which gathers data for the agency’s Waterbody Inventory. Here John explains the WAVE program and invites you to volunteer to help him collect and interpret water

  • Don’t Fawn Over Your Lawn

    By Richard F. Seegal, Ph.D. Schroon Lake has deer on the bordering roads, as well as lawns bordering the lake!   We cannot do much about this ruminant population, but we can do something about keeping our lawns healthy while keeping the lake safe.  Remember the old, but still true adage: 

  • Straight Poop on Septic Systems

    Board member and Aquatic Invasive Coordinator Ev McNeil represented ESSLA at the spring meeting of the New York State Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA), where spokespersons for the DEC, various municipalities, exhibitors  and members focused on 46  different challenges affecting our lakes.  Ev filed this report summarizing a presentation by

  • Lost ‘n Found

    July 2, 2017 :  Lost –  green Old Town canoe with one oar in the bottom.  The oar has a wooden cross piece on the top – which is a little unusual so may be a good identification ~ jonedmans@yahoo.com June 28, 2017 – Found  – paddleboat  washed ashore 316

  • State Boating Safety Course

    ATTENTION young boaters ages 10 to 17 you need a boating license to operate a  Personal Water Craft on New York State lakes. Thad Smith is conducting the New York State Boating Safety Course on July 6 & 7, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Dynamite Hill

  • The RoundUp Cover-Up

    By Richard F. Seegal, Ph.D. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the world. In 2013 more than 300 million pounds were used in the United States, primarily to control weeds in large scale farming. Other countries, particularly in South America and Asia, use even more Roundup.  The manufacturer,

  • Schroon Lake Steering Committee Report to the Membership

    As many of you know the Steering Committee (SLSC) represents both our lake associations and the three towns.  We address issues that have an impact on our entire watershed and are of concern to our membership.  With that in mind the extreme changes in the water level in Schroon Lake

  • Scout Meeting Kick-Off

    By Ev McNeil First, my name is Everett (Ev) McNeill and I have taken over the scout program from Gretchen Marcell. Thanks to you all and Gretchen who have done an outstanding job in tackling the milfoil “invader”! Gretchen advised that all zones were covered last year thanks to all

  • Jane Smith Wins Lake Steward of the Year Award

    At the New York State Federation of Lakes (NYSFOLA) annual conference this year ESSLA’S own Jane Smith was presented with the Lake Steward Award. This award is presented to the individual who goes above and beyond protecting their lake. This is a well-deserved award as Jane is a special person