• Lost & Found

    LOST:  A navy blue and white O’Brien tube that indicates it has 170 pound weight limit has gone missing from 167 Adirondack Rd.  If found please call 532-0424. FOUND: At Sand Point Beach we have a red Extra Sport Life Jacket with the name Bateman written on it floated up

  • Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

    Help protect Schroon Lake and River waters from invasive species.  When you leave a body of water: Remove any visible mud, plants, fish or animals before transporting equipment. Drain water from equipment (boat, motor, trailer, live wells) before transporting. Clean and dry anything that comes into contact with water (equipment,

  • Educational Aquatic Adventure on Schroon Lake!

    Have you ever wondered how many miles of shoreline encompass Schroon Lake?  Or how many gallons of water it holds? How deep it is or how it was formed?  Join us on the next ESSLA Floating Classroom. We set off on our hands-on adventure from the Word Of Life dock

  • Children’s Fishing Tourney

    The annual Memorial Jim Harris, Blue Sky Estates, children’s fishing contest drew a large crowd of youngsters, parents and grandparents this July 4th.  Prizes for smallest, largest, and most fish were awarded. Approximately 30 ESSLA  “Clean Lake Activity Books” were scooped up by the the children.  A great time was

  • How Did ESSLA Get Its Name?

    Do you want to know how ESSLA got its name? Back in 1966 a group of land owners on the east shore of Schroon Lake decided they needed to band together to address the noise and pollution, among other things, they faced along the east shore.  They met and called

  • ESSLA the Fish @ Schroon Lake Parade

    If you missed the parade and Gretchen’s fish, you really missed something.  Gretchen is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the fish.  One photo shows Gretchen making adjustments and me setting up the bubble machine.  The other shows us at the end of the parade.  We picked up a band group from

  • Members New + Old

    Thank you for visiting our newly launched website. Here you’ll find local info on what’s going on about town, lost and found items and much more about the work ESSLA is doing to protect and preserve our beautiful “Pearl”, Schroon Lake and River.  If you’re not already a member, please

  • Docks Under Water

    Dear Boaters, Please have compassion for those of us with docks under water. We ask that you please drive boats slowly near shore where docks are submerged to avoid damage to them…or better still, just not drive near shore where docks might be It seems as though the Monsoon may be

  • Lost and Found

    Lost at the Southend boat launch:  a pair of prescription sun glasses in black case.  Can provide details to verify ownership. If found, please contact Charlie at 494-3743. Found – paddle boat blue and white floating upside down on the west shore 500 yards or so north of the Glendale bridge.

  • Attention: Lost – Another L.L. Bean Kayak

    Another Lost Kayak, L.L. Bean, Orange 10′.  Missing from Blue Sky Estates, E. Shore Dr. Contact Jim and Michelle Barriere.  Thank you! If you find something on your beach or if you’ve lost something, email webmaster@essla.org.