Old Railroad Tankers Rolling Into Adirondacks

Old tankers, some rusting and covered in graffiti, are being moved into the Adirondacks for storage by the parent company of Saratoga and North Creek Railway.

“A new plan has emerged from the Saratoga & North Creek Railway, an arm of Iowa Pacific Railway Company, to store hundreds of old, dilapidated railroad cars, supposedly mostly boxcars, on siding track and unused rail lines in Warren and Essex Counties. These rail cars would be stored “indefinitely” on these rail lines. Saratoga & North Creek Railway leases rail lines from Warren and Saratoga Counties and owns the Sanford Lake Rail Line in Hamilton and Essex County. The plan was announced at a Warren County Board of Supervisors meeting last week.

“Saratoga & North Creek Railway stated that it plans to store “hundreds” of old railroad cars. The Adirondack Park has never been used for this purpose. This is a critical moment in the history of the Adirondack Park and for all the reasons below, we urge you to take action and block this ill conceived plan.”  [Read the full story at Adirondack Almanack]

On Thursday the Warren County Board of Supervisors Finance Committee passed a resolution saying they are “not in support” of Iowa Pacific’s plan to store hundreds of tanker train cars in Warren and Essex Counties.

The committee took action when they learned the Saratoga & North Creek Railway train cars coming into the Adirondacks are tanker cars, not boxcars, that will be stored indefinitely.

The company has not indicated what they had carried, but said that they had been cleaned and did not require any placards indicating they were carrying hazardous materials, said Horicon Supervisor Matt Simpson, chairman of the county board’s Public Works Committee.  “We have not been told what they carried or how many there will be,” he said.

Environmental groups and public officials have come out against the railway’s plan to store the cars on tracks between North Creek and Tahawus. Environmentalists are concerned that the cars will leak and pollute the adjacent Forest Preserve.

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