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Thank you for visiting our newly launched website. Here you’ll find local info on what’s going on about town, lost and found items and much more about the work ESSLA is doing to protect and preserve our beautiful “Pearl”, Schroon Lake and River.  If you’re not already a member, please subscribe today.  It is because of your generous support that we can continue keeping our lake in the most pristine condition.  Many lakes are overcome with eurasian milfoil, requiring mechanical harvesting or chemical herbicides in an attempt to control these invasives.  ESSLA’s Scout Program has been hugely successful in controlling the spread of invasive milfoil as well as other invasives threatening our lake. One needn’t go far to see the damaging effects invasives have – Lake George, Lake Champlain, Candlewood Lake, Saratoga – are severely impacted.  Our boat launch Steward Program inspects boats putting in at the Horicon launch to be sure they’re free of hitch-hiking invasives.  If your boat is wet, carrying bilge water or invasives, we now have the newly installed boat wash station, also at Horicon launch.  Stop by and meet our stewards and give them a thumbs up for the important work they’re doing.  Thank you for supporting ESSLA and Schroon Lake and River.  Don’t forget the Schroon Village Parade, Saturday, July 4th, 6pm. – keep a look out for the ESSLA float!

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