How Did ESSLA Get Its Name?

Do you want to know how ESSLA got its name?

Back in 1966 a group of land owners on the east shore of Schroon Lake decided they needed to band together to address the noise and pollution, among other things, they faced along the east shore.  They met and called themselves the East ShoreSchroon Lake Association.  They were successful in some limited ventures, and actually, Steven Pieper Sr. was the first to start testing the water in the lake.
In later years we saw the need to include the whole lake and river in our efforts.  We even had a contest to get suggestions from our members for a new name.  BUT nothing really sounded good so we decided to just keep the initials and create an acronym, ESSLA.  Whenever and Wherever you see ESSLA, know that we are working hard to keep the lake and river clean for us and our descendants. So join in, lend a hand or donate to help ESSLA keep our Schroon Lake and River clean and enjoyable for many generations to come.  We are a member-supported 501-c(3) organization, so your contributions are tax deductible. ~ Joanne McGhie

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