ESSLA the Fish @ Schroon Lake Parade

If you missed the parade and Gretchen’s fish, you really missed something.  Gretchen is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the fish.  One photo shows Gretchen making adjustments and me setting up the bubble machine.  The other shows us at the end of the parade.  We picked up a band group from Canada who were tired of walking.  We also had Mike Marnell’s granddaughters for the whole parade.  Bill, Joanne, Jane, Gretchen, and I rode. They threw out Swedish fish to screaming children.  I was doing the bubbles which were loved.  Vince walked the whole way  handing out activity books and Gretchen handed them out while sitting on the edge of the float.  They went thru 100 books.  There were thousands of people lining the road.  I have never seen so many people in Schroon Village.  It was a large parade and we were well received. ~Anne Pieper


  1. essla says

    Way to go Gretchen and Team ESSLA! What an amazing float!

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