Down the Drain

The Town of Horicon has shut down the watering tub for good

The Watering Tub was a popular source of untreated spring water located near Route 8 in Brant Lake, adjacent to the Schroon River. It had many devotees—some claiming that the water had curative properties—who lined up to fill their jugs despite posted government warnings against drinking the stuff.

Early in 2017, the Watering Tub failed water quality tests in four months out of five, testing positive for coliform. The Town temporarily closed and scrubbed the Tub with the hope of reopening it someday.

Then in October the Watering Tub tested positive for E. coli—a fecal coliform bacteria resulting from animal or human waste that can cause infections in humans that range from mild to life-threatening.

That led the Town Board to vote unanimously to close the Watering Tub permanently. “We just can’t take a chance with human health,” says Horicon Supervisor Matt Simpson. “The Watering Tub highlights the importance of protecting our clean water sources. They’re not a given, and we can’t take them for granted,” Mr. Simpson adds.

To help protect the Schroon Lake watershed from human E. Coli, ESSLA reminds you that an important thing we can each do is to keep our septic systems in good working order.

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