Boat Launch Stewards at Work!

Well summer is here and so are contaminated watercraft!  Boating and
angling are the prime pathways to introduction of  invasive species.
7/8/10 Over the past few days two watercraft that last boated in the Hudson were found to have several water chestnuts clinging to their trailer. Both were sent to the boat decontamination station.

On 7/10/16 our Stewards intercepted a boat which came out of Lake Champlain.  On this one vessel they found Eurasian Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pond Weed, and Zebra Mussels. The boat was immediately sent to the decontamination station.

This boater seems to have a total disregard for preventing the spread of invasive species and the laws against it. Had the Stewards not been on duty this boater may have introduced a new invasive (Zebra Mussels)
to our lake. This is another reason to push for mandatory decontamination of boats that come from waterbodies such as Lake Champlain.
Because of our boat launch stewards’ vigilance Schroon Lake has only one invasive species to manage – Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). Lake George has five IS, while Lake Champlain has discovered its 51st invasive species in the lake last summer – the spiny water flea!
New State regulations targeting aquatic invasive species (AIS) require boaters to clean and drain boats prior to launching or leaving DEC lands.

Additional information on AIS and disinfection recommendations can be found on the DEC website.

The new regulations are available on the DEC website.

By Rich Nawrot


  1. Mike Purdy says

    It is a good thing we have increased the hours for the stewards. One day a boat is going to launch when they are not there and we will be fighting another invasive. Kudos to our stewards.

  2. Karen Schmieder says

    Great job, Rich and Stewards! We need to push for mandatory inspections. One careless boater can add another AIS to our lake. An ounce of prevention is worth millions of dollars in invasive species management.

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