Our Mission

ESSLA is a member-supported non-profit that was founded to preserve, protect and improve the waters and shorelines of the Schroon Lake/River area.

Our members include residents, visitors and organizations sharing a common goal of protecting the pristine natural beauty of Schroon Lake so it continues to be the “Pearl” of the Adirondacks for generations to come.  Continual monitoring, identifying and harvesting of invasive species is the heart of our mission.  Through the generous support of our members, volunteers and your financial contributions we can assure our lake remains pure. There a is timelessness and consistency that surrounds our lake and river that we as an organization are committed to maintaining at the highest level

Protect Our Waters From Invasive Species and New Threats

Schroon Lake currently maintains a well-balanced aquatic plant community; however, there are existing populations of invasive Eurasian milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed. Left unchecked it can take over a lake in a few short years, impacting fishing, swimming and boating. ESSLA’s “Milfoil Scout Program” along with a professional surveillance and harvesting program actively manages these invasive species with tremendous success, yet the problem still persists. 

Educational Programs on Aquatic Health and Safety

Schroon Lake/River is a beautiful and vibrant body of water that offers a variety of recreational and aesthetic opportunities. Our enjoyment of these waters depends on the quality of the lake itself. ESSLA is active in research and implementing new methods to address current and potential threats to the lake, river and water quality.  Join our floating classroom to learn about lake protection and ecology and what you can do to help keep our lake healthy. Click here to view upcoming meeting dates.

Outreach and Collaboration with State and Local Organizations

ESSLA is at the forefront of  a shared vision to protect Schroon Lake/River. We have been recognized for our outstanding local stewardship programs, such as The Conservationist of the Year Award, 2010. ESSLA members’ knowledge, experience, dedication and hard work in collaboration with municipalities, state and local agencies and organizations is committed to the long-term protection, management and preservation of Schroon Lake/River.

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Board of Directors

Stephen Ehlers


In 2012 Stephen retired and joined the board. For forty years prior to then he was a senior partner at a law…

Bob Colegrove

Retired in 2009 after a 40 year career in banking and finance. Have owned a house on Schroon Lake since 2001 and currently…

Ev McNeil

Ev & Carol and three boys started building on Schroon in 1979. He was a Sourcing Manager with GE Power Systems in Schenectady. Upon…

Ross Schoembs

Retired Human Resources professional with a background in organizational development, talent acquisition, training and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits.Currently consulting with Common…

Karen Schmieder


Karen is the founder of Schmieder & Meister Court Reporting and Legal Support Services and co-founder of Karavida Broadcast TV + Video Production…

Gary Karl

Gary Karl started coming to Schroon Lake with his wife, Debbie, almost 40 years ago. In the ensuing years Gary and Debbie came…

Eric Messer


Eric Messer joined the ESSLA Board in 2016. He lives locally with his wife Karalie and their two children. Eric works at…

Richard F. Seegal, Ph.D.

Bachelor’s degree – Experimental Psychology – Brown University;  Master’s Degree – Physiological Psychology from Emory University;  Ph. D. – Biopsychology from University of Georgia;  Post doctorate…

John Greening

John has been sharing the beauty of Schroon Lake with his family for over 40 years, fishing, hiking and waterskiing.  He is currently an…

Tad Matley

Tad’s interest in the Adirondacks began in the early 80’s while living in upstate New York. A career move with GE brought him back…

Rick Smith

Rick and his wife, Maryanne, have owned their home on Schroon Lake since 2006. They thoroughly enjoy year-round activities with their five children, son-in-law,…

Ali Marie Carkciyan

Ali Marie has been spending summers on Schroon Lake since she was two years old. Her family purchased the iconic Faith’s Landing camp on…
Picture of Bill McGhie in Ogunquit ME

Bill McGhie

Bill McGhie first visited Schroon Lake in 1945 and visited every year until entering the service. In 1962, while in the service, his folks…
Carol Molino

Carol Molino

Carol has been lucky to have been coming to Schroon Lake her whole life–from staying with relatives on Sand Point to summers at her…


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