Winning the Battle of Lake George

The Glens Falls Chronicle reports that Lake George is winning its forever war against Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM).

The war has already been long (30 years), and it won’t ever end. The war is also expensive, costing almost $500,000 per year just for harvesting the EWM that’s already in the lake.

That figure doesn’t include the untold more dollars expended to provide “free” (to the public) boat inspections and decontaminating washes to prevent more EWM and other nasty aquatic invasive species from being deposited into the lake.

But the efforts are working. The article quotes Dave Wick, executive director of the Lake George Park Commission, as saying, “There is definitely reason for hope…great progress is being made” on EWM.

That’s great news for the Queen of American Lakes–and great news for Schroon Lake, too. The reason: Lake George is the most frequent “last waterway visited” for boats launching on Schroon Lake, according to data compiled by the Adirondack Watershed Institute. That, says AWI, makes Schroon Lake “especially vulnerable” to boats transporting invasive species from Lake George.

The less EWM in Lake George, the less chance a boat coming off Lake George carries the stuff to our lake.

So we are doubly happy for Lake George’s good news about EWM!

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