• The Schroon Lake Steering Committee

    By Bill McGhie In 2007 a group of individuals came together with a shared goal of setting a vision for the protection of Schroon Lake while maintaining enjoyment for residents and visitors. These individuals represented the Schroon Lake Association and ESSLA and were under the leadership of Warren County Soil

  • Steamboats on Schroon Lake

    It was probably quite strange looking, that first steamboat on Schroon Lake. Alonzo Bailey, a local man, fitted a steam engine and boiler onto an old scow sometime in the 1850s. His was not only the first steamboat on Schroon Lake, it was also the first party boat. Lon’s friends

  • Terrestrial Invasives – Buyer Beware!

    By Elli Muller I saw a plant for sale in a reputable out-of-state catalogue that had beautiful pictures. The descriptive terms were “Excellent, fast spreading groundcover…leaves freely root…tolerates foot traffic…suitable for a moist area where fast spreading is needed (and) as a submerged water plant…profuse…blanket of color.” Why, this was

  • Matt Simpson, On Reflection

    Over the years the Town of Horicon has been a terrific partner and supporter of ESSLA. Recently Town Supervisor, Hon. Matthew J. Simpson, was asked to reflect on our relationship. He replied: “Foremost on everyone’s mind is protecting the water quality of our lakes. In line with this is the

  • Highway Cleanup

    By Elli Muller My husband, Gary, and I have been named co-coordinators of the Highway Cleanup Program. We received this lofty title to encourage us to continue garbage pickup along the first two miles of East Shore Drive. This year our first collection weighed 42 pounds. It took two of

  • A Message From the President

    As the president of ESSLA and the Associate Director of the Adirondack Lakes Alliance I participate in many meetings and conferences at local and state levels throughout the year to advocate for our Schroon Lake and River, as well as the other waterways in the Adirondack Park. The successes are

  • Adirondack Lakes Alliance

    It was just about a year ago, mid- July, when Bill McGhie, Jane Smith and I met for coffee to consider broadening the concept of what we had been doing for several years. Since 2008, our area lakes folks would come together twice a year to discuss lake issues and

  • Beaver Pond Surveillance

    9/1/15 Subject: ESSLA’s Surveillance of Beaver Pond Today, based on a request by John Donovan, Vince Blando and Bill McGhie, from ESSLA, did a two hour surveillance (8 am to 10am) of the aquatic growth in BEAVER Pond, Town of Horicon, NY. Vince and Bill were escorted by residents George

  • Missing Boat on Schroon Lake

    12-foot Sylvan aluminum row boat. Registration letters are kind of worn, but NYS registration numbers NY7455FP. If you have information please contact jburgdorflatham@gmail.com

  • A Knotty Issue – Japanese Knotweed

    Non-Native Invasive Freshwater Plant – Japanese Knotweed An alien species whose introduction “causes measurable harm to the environment, economy or human health, e.g. Japanese knotweed in the Adirondacks,” is the description offered by the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP). Fallopia japonica, its scientific name, is described as a fast-growing