• 9 Steps to Living Lake Friendly

    A healthy lake is like mom and homemade apple pie. We all love them. Our lake deserves the love too, and keeping a lake healthy is the responsibility of everyone in the watershed. If you’re feeling like you want to give our beautiful Schroon Lake some TLC, here are some

  • 3 Questions with Jim Lieberum

    In each issue of The Pearl we pose three questions to an ESSLA partner in protecting the Schroon Lake watershed. This time it’s Jim Lieberum, District Manager for the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District. Q1: Your Warren County agency administers the harvesting of Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) in Schroon

  • Don’t Move a Mussel: Boat Stewards Save Schroon Lake From Invasive Species

    By Gary Karl Boat stewards intercepted boats carrying five different aquatic invasive species (AIS) before they entered the Schroon Lake watershed during the 2017 boating season. The Town of Horicon’s stewards stopped: 21 boats carrying curly-leaf pondweed 10 boats with Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) AWI collected data from over 97,000 boat

  • My Gut Reaction to Roundup

    By Rich Seegal, Ph.D. My gut level reaction is not solely due to being absolutely ticked off at Monsanto for their decades of Fake News stating that Roundup (RU) is the best thing since sliced white bread. It is also due to the fact that RU disrupts the bacteria in

  • Denying the Obvious

    By Gary L. Karl ESSLA does everything we can to keep invasive species (IS) out of the Schroon Lake watershed. We support boat inspections and washes to keep aquatic IS like hydrilla, zebra mussels, Asian clams, quagga mussels, curly leaf pondweed, and spiny waterflea from entering our beautiful lakes. We

  • Wild Protective Services NYS Protects the Boreas Ponds Tract

    By Gary L. Karl Since 1895, the New York State Constitution has mandated that the State’s forest preserve in the Adirondacks “be forever kept as wild forest lands.” The “forever wild” clause means the State can’t sell or lease the forest preserve. It also means the State can’t log or

  • No-Salt Divorce

    By Gary L. Karl This winter some Adirondack towns and villages are restricting their salt intake for health reasons. Road salt, that is. They find that cutting back on road salt is healthier for their watersheds-and their budgets. The levels of salt in Lake George have tripled in the last

  • Down the Drain

    The Town of Horicon has shut down the watering tub for good The Watering Tub was a popular source of untreated spring water located near Route 8 in Brant Lake, adjacent to the Schroon River. It had many devotees—some claiming that the water had curative properties—who lined up to fill

  • Train Freeze:  Railcar Controversy Update

    The Iowa Pacific Railroad is running a tank bank in the Adirondack Park:  It stores, for a fee, out-of-service oil tanker railcars on idle Iowa Pacific tracks in the eastern High Peaks. Iowa Pacific says it needs to use its Adirondack tracks for storage because it can’t make money using

  • Old Railroad Tankers Rolling Into Adirondacks

    Old tankers, some rusting and covered in graffiti, are being moved into the Adirondacks for storage by the parent company of Saratoga and North Creek Railway. “A new plan has emerged from the Saratoga & North Creek Railway, an arm of Iowa Pacific Railway Company, to store hundreds of old, dilapidated