ADK Lakes Alliance Finds Strength in Numbers

Lake and river associations within the Adirondack Park have long been the first responders in identifying and combating threats to our water quality and riparian ecosystems.  Local governments are being significantly challenged by the potential economic impact these threats pose. There are some 235 lakes, rivers and ponds within our 5.8 million-acre Park.  Many of these waterbodies are remote and uninfected, but at least 98 are known to harbor one or more aquatic invasive species.  The potential economic impact to the Adirondack Park if just a fraction of these invasives go uncontrolled is pegged at up to $1 billion lost.  The Adirondack Lakes Alliance has identified some 60 lake and river associations who are stewarding these waterbodies.  By forming an Alliance with these grass roots associations, regional non-profits, municipal and state governmental agencies we have become a strong, collective voice to help in the protection of all waters in the Adirondack Park.  If we are not doing all that we can to protect ALL water bodies, we are not protecting our own. Our strength is in the numbers!

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